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Fitbit unveiled a new fitness bracelet Alta HR with heart rate sensor

Last year, Fitbit released a “smart” bracelet Alta, allowing you to track the physical activity of the user. Device with a nice design, got a small OLED display, but it lacks the heart rate monitor. New model Fitbit Alta HR is equipped with a sensor that measures the heart rate during the day and uses these data for a more accurate accounting of calories you burn and identify sleep stages for a soft awakening.

Fitness tracker Fitbit Alta HR under the design resembles its predecessor and is capable of automatic recognize the exercise. Due to the presence of OLED screen, the tracker displays the current time and notification of incoming smartphone calls, messages, and calendar events.

On the reverse side of Alta Fitbit HR is the heart rate monitor. The company noted that in conjunction with Texas Instruments have developed a compact sensor, which is 25% less than the Fitbit Charge model 2. With it, the bracelet detects the phase of deep, easy and quick REM sleep. In addition to detailed statistics, the application displays a recommendation for improving the quality of sleep.

Alta HR Fitbit is able to calculate the distance traveled and automatically determine the type of physical activity, but to swim with it in the pool is still impossible. The battery life Fitbit Alta HR increased from 5 to 7 days.

Alta Fitbit HR will go on sale in early April at a price of $150. For the price of the gadget difficult to compete with Chinese manufacturers — Xiaomi Mi Band 2 there is a strong social component, but costs only $22. But the choice Fitbit offered the straps in three size options and in different versions of colors.

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