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First reviews of the iPhone 6s: the innovative 3D display Touch, “live photo”, impressive camera [video]

Only three days left before the official start of sales of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and Apple have launched an ambitious advertising campaign. Some journalists have already managed to test the latest products from Apple. For example, the Vogue photographer was filming a show at fashion Week in new York on the iPhone 6s Plus. The same apparatus was supplied by the employee sports publication Sports Illustrated, sending him to a baseball game.

Apple today lifted the embargo on reviews of the iPhone 6s, so the ability to know the opinion of journalists on the device. We offer you the reviews about the iPhone 6s, based on the experience of the first users of the device.

Joanna stern from the Wall Street Journal love the new camera capabilities of the iPhone 6s. She literally fell in love with the function “Live photos”.

“The best thing I have ever seen in iPhone – this is a live photo. When shooting still images the camera captures the motion of an object that adds to the image a bit of life. This mode is amazing. Especially interesting happens when you take a photograph of his exuberant child or a puppy. Moreover, you can share these photos with loved ones. All users of iOS 9 will be able to see them. However, live photos will take up more space in memory than usual. With the same success you can record a few seconds of video. If desired, a “live” mode easily disabled in Preferences”, – shares his impressions stern.

Joffrey Fowler, her colleague from the WSJ calls the iPhone 6s “best trap” that Apple has ever produced.

Walt Mossberg from The Verge was also able to meet iPhone 6s closer. He was extremely pleased, calling the device the best smartphone on the market. Mossberg describes the operations of the 3D Touch is both fun and rewarding. He noted that currently, third-party applications still do not support it. But the developers have already adapted their programs to interact with a recognition module pressure onto the screen.

“Apple does not disclose how many levels of depression recognizes 3D Touch. But, of course, so many of them that you will feel comfortable. It seemed to me that the glass panel of the screen disappears completely, and I click on the application icon, says Walt. – 3D Touch reminds me of working with the right button mouse on OS X. the Interface does not require her presence, but in fact it is very convenient. However, without the direct interest of the developers function does not “shoot”. It won’t be revolutionary until then, until it is adapted applications,” said Mossberg.

Walt Mossberg reminded that iPhone 6s — evolutionary model. But changes in the smartphone enough to justify its existence.

“The new iPhone is best for the current period. If you have last year’s, not much point to upgrade there. But if you have an older iPhone or Android smartphone, the new Apple device will make you happier”, he concluded.

British journalist Telegraph Rhiannon Williams noted that in your hand iPhone 6s Plus seems a little heavier than last year’s model. This happened because of the new 3D display technologies Touch. According to her, Apple is wise enough to try a new color for its smartphones are quite rare. So fans are just ready to go crazy with a new shade. The reporter expects the iPhone in rose gold will be the hit of the season. Also she liked the new camera, autofocus, was faster and more accurate. In the pictures she noticed a greater depth of field, rich and accurate color representation.

John Pacovsky from Buzzfeed called the iPhone 6s naturally the updated line of Apple smartphones. Improved camera, improved performance and 3D Touch – all this will play the new on hand and will ensure high sales.

“Module 3D Touch – the most significant innovation for the iPhone 6s, it acts as a support for the other functions. Based on the recognition sensors pressure forces, this technology opens up a menu of additional applications. At the moment there are two options of cooperation: “quick view” and “context menu”. Each press of the effort will be accompanied by feedback that will help you to distinguish between them. 3D Touch – a surprisingly useful feature, especially for experienced iPhone users. I was truly impressed with how well the module”.

Brian Chen of the New York Times, as Joanna stern, praised the regime of the “live photo”.

“Perhaps you will ask, why not just record the video? The answer is quite simple: you never guess to enable the camcorder to capture a two-second video. And with live photos you have the chance not to miss something interesting. I tried out the new mode on their household Pets. I even managed to capture how my dog buried in the ground something after themselves,” said Brian.

Journalists Pocket-Lint also got iPhone 6s. Among the interesting features they marked repeatedly referred to the mode of “living photos”. Your smartphone will automatically detect how best to trim the video to get the image in motion.

“Apple representatives told us that this function will work even better with the upcoming iOS update. The system will advise what action should be performed for best results. Definitely, live photos is a cool feature. But for some reason at the time of shooting is recorded and the sound. Perhaps the laughter of a child and will sound pathetic, but in other cases it is not so great.”

Ed Baig from USA Today praised the photographic capabilities of the new 12-megapixel camera of the iPhone 6s, and the front-facing camera. He noted that videos shot in 4K, looks high quality and very clearly. The only thing that confused the journalist is incredible “heaviness” UltraHD video.

“Very unusual, but the iPhone has become much friendlier for selfie lovers. For a few moments before closing the shutter of the camera, the screen brightness is increased by three times, which essentially replaces the flash. Very clever. Meanwhile, fans of 4K shooting will be disappointed. The fact that 1 minute of video in ultra-high resolution is 375 MB of free space. However, I hope that you will be more than happy with 720p or 1080p, especially on 6s Plus, which received optical image stabilization not only for photography. By the way, iMovie now allows users to mount UltraHD videos directly on iOS devices”.

Many may be surprised that none of the reviewers haven’t said anything about the autonomy of the new iPhone. On this score do not worry: the power saving mode, the function Facedown Detection and 14-nm A9 processor will provide a whole work day without recharging. If you are used to the maximum load the smartphone, the iPhone 6s Plus with a battery of 2700 mAh – your choice.

The official start of sales of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is scheduled for September 25. Minimal version with a storage capacity of 16 GB will be priced at $649. The beginning of sales of new products in Russia is expected next month.

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