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First mobile game Nintendo will come out on March 17

Japanese manufacturer of gaming consoles and video games Nintendo Co. on March 17, plans to announce its first game for consoles, but for smartphones and tablets. The project, developed in collaboration with DeNA Co., called Miitomo.

According to the concept, Miitomo is not a game. “This application of communication in which users can create their own content,” — said the PR Manager of Nintendo in Russia Konstantin Govorun.

To provide users in the service will be avatars Mii — styled characters, which were originally invented for personalization of the accounts of owners of the Wii console and later appeared on other Nintendo platforms.

Miitomo will be the first of five apps that Nintendo plans to release in partnership with DeNA to March 2017. The game will be distributed on the model free to play. The remaining four products will be distribute according to the traditional scheme: having paid once, the user gets complete access to the product and can use all its features.

In addition to the affiliate program with DeNA, Nintendo is involved in the development of mobile games Pokemon Go using the so called augmented reality. The new prepare for devices running iOS and Android.

The intention to develop apps for mobile platforms Nintendo announced in March 2015. Previously, the company repeatedly spoke of the reluctance to create entertainment application for smartphones and tablets, citing the fact that according to the philosophy of the company, from Nintendo games should only be associated with Nintendo consoles.

After Miitomo will be available for download in 15 countries.

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