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First look at the new Apple Store in downtown Brooklyn

The editors of Appleinsider visited the new Apple Store in downtown Brooklyn and spoke about the peculiarities of its design.

New Apple Store is located in the Atlantic terminal in Brooklyn. It is the center of the intersection of five major subway lines. Brooklyn is a very noisy area, so the Apple Store was designed to minimize outdoor sounds and vibrations.

The presence of the isolated floor to minimize any vibration that can feel the people from the subway.

Jason Barile, the head of the Apple stores in new York.

The store is designed not only to eliminate outside noise and vibration, but also to improve the internal acoustics. The ceiling is a sloping wooden canopy designed to create “premium sound”.

These wooden panels have perforations. They absorb sound but do not return it back.

Jason Barile.

Despite the fact that focuses on silence, the store did not want to isolate the area. Thanks to the large glass panels of the Apple Store is perfectly visible downtown Brooklyn.

In the course of construction destroyed a glass. Apple had to order an additional panel from Germany. A company representative declined to comment on the cost of the panel and its delivery.

The new store is also notable because it’s the first Apple Store in new York with special rooms Genius Grove. They were told at the presentation of iPhone X. In these rooms are special workshops where clients are trained to use the Apple devices, but also talk about their features and lifehacks.

At the beginning of construction in the store put the trees to ensure their acclimatization will be fine. To service the overseas customers, the new store employees speak 20 languages.

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