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First impressions of the iPhone X

Steven levy got a iPhone X October 24, and has shared his first impressions from the “mobile future”, according to Tim cook.

Levi was one of four journalists, who a week before the start of sales has provided a review of the first iPhone in 2007. According to the journalist, partly because of this fact, Apple gave it the iPhone X.

First and foremost, Levi is impressed with the iPhone screen X. he was surprised that the smartphone that is slightly larger than the iPhone 8, was able to install the 5.8-inch display. Stephen quickly adapted to the new gestures to return to the home screen and switch between running applications.

I like the larger displays of the iPhone Plus and Pixel XL, but smartphones are huge. They are bulky in my pocket, and call him — is how to keep the pan near the cheeks. iPhone X is a large screen in a compact form factor. Although the device itself is not much more iPhone 8, its screen is roughly the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus.

Levi was pleased with the work the new scanner Face ID. It does not unlock the smartphone when he was watching other people. The journalist also noted that unlocking with the help of pictures is not working. Getting used to the Face ID took some time.

Sometimes, despite a clear view of my face, iPhone X refused to unlock. In the end, I developed a strategy. When I unlock the smartphone, I think of it as a mirror.

Separately Steven said a bunch of Face ID, lock button, and Apple Pay.

I loved to use Apple Pay on the iPhone X. simply double-click on the side button and look at the phone to make a transaction.

According to the journalist, the camera got better pictures compared to the iPhone 7. But Levi little love photography so didn’t pay much attention to the iPhone camera X.

The iPhone X has been said, the novelty is two hours longer than the iPhone 7. Levi confirmed these words, adding that the battery of an iPhone X was missing him the whole day, at the same time remained a small supply before charging.

From 27 October iPhone X available for pre-order, and on sale the smartphone will go on November. Prices start from 79 990 rubles for the version with 64 GB.

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