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Fingerprint scanner iPhone SE loses on the speed of Touch ID in the iPhone 6s

On March 21, Apple showed the world a new smartphone iPhone SE. Inherited the appearance of the iPhone 5s and the majority of “toppings” from the iPhone 6s, the phone is targeted at users who want a phone with advanced features, but in a compact package.

The novelty is yet to go on sale, and users and IT-journalists have already explored the features of the device. So, we already know that iPhone is equipped with the SE slower than the iPhone 6s fingerprint scanner Touch ID. The same is used in the iPhone 6 while the new flagship of Apple is used, the sensor of the second generation. The latter responds to touch with higher speed and accuracy.

The most obvious explanation for this is the need to save money on accessories. The modules of the second generation Apple has decided to use only the top of the device.

The speed of operation of the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone SE are significantly behind the performance of the module to remove the fingerprint in the iPhone 6s. Although, for the comfort of everyday use this fact not much will be reflected and less will turn into a critical issue if the user does not use biometric device protection.

In the video below, you can compare the speed of Touch ID first and second generation (iPhone 6s and iPhone 6). The difference in performance is visible to the naked eye.

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