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“Find my iPhone” turned the life of a couple from Atlanta in a nightmare

American couple Michael and Christine Saba Lee woke up from what someone loudly pounding on the door of their house. Getting up from the bed and approaching the door, Michael saw a man, who, showing him the app Find My iPhone, angrily demanded to return the stolen iPhone. Now imagine that this happens with them almost every day.

Atlanta residents are the victim of a failure in the mobile operator networks. Due to errors in the location-based services, the service “Find my iPhone” on Apple’s mobile devices in case of loss points to the house of an unsuspecting couple. In the end, they for several months now, they have to communicate regularly with people who require to return the stolen iPhone and iPad. The life of Lee and Saba has turned into a real nightmare.

The problem is that in a hurry not to visit their friends who want to watch the series and chat about life. Typically, this angry iPhone owners who wish to return the stolen items. Some behave very aggressively, sometimes come police. Then Christine Michael has to explain to guards of the law and prove his innocence. Some users lost smartphones try to sneak into the house without their knowledge.

Now Michael Saba and Christine Lee are in constant fear and waiting that at any moment the door to their home can knock the cops or someone worse. Due to the constant visits of unexpected guests they are thinking to change their place of residence.

Experts suggested the reason for the failure. In some cases, location-based communication system due to the lack of information about the area as a base point by default choose the geographical center of the zone with the specified postal code. Most likely, the house and the subs is just in it.

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The couple is going to file a complaint with the Federal communications Commission and to seek help from your Senator.

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