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Final Fantasy VII – the average port of a great game

A brief tutorial: Final Fantasy VII was released on the first PlayStation in 1997, was an instant hit, has sold ten million copies, then was released on the PC (for the first time in the series), was again a hit, then released in an updated form in PSN, became a hit, then was shown as polutoraminutnogo the teaser of the remake at E3 last and made the whole audience cry with happiness, after putting the data centers of Twitter. And now you have the chance to touch the legend – reasons not to do this three.

First, the game is quite disgusting ported. She looks exactly the same as in the 97th year, perhaps you could wait for the remake on PS4, and move it already. Well, it’s forgivable.

Much harder to forgive governance: the authors just threw up on the screen ALL the buttons of the gamepad PS1, making them translucent. This usually happens, say, in the case of emulation – but the man who dared to emulate, mentally prepared for the difficulties and difficult battle with control, iron and so on. Here is not very clear, why should we suffer – for example, reach (playing on iPad? Ha!) to the top button, in a past life former trigger.

Besides, the game generally does not change – that is, didn’t change anything. On the one hand, is fine – nothing to climb into a masterpiece hands doing such tricks – but… remember how much was the memory card for PS1? 128 KB – for of saving. These accidents kilobytes not beat a single game in the PS1 games could be saved, um, very selectively. Specifically, in Final Fantasy VII in special places, interacting with the ball. Bead this is a rare thing, and infrequent: you can play an hour, and so did not meet. In terms of mobile gaming if it is not a sentence, it is close to: user, generally weaned independently maintained, is unlikely to run in the saves. Especially if it’s time to leave the underground. Or over the lunch break. Or device now simply sit.

And finally, the final problem – the game is 950 rubles. Of course, everything is understood about the dollar, and other economy – 950 rubles per game 1997? Seriously? Unfortunately, Yes – and perhaps will always be some cunning writing that the game is worth it. However, if all that not bother you, welcome to: even in such an environment and with such a price tag, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII remains a great role-playing game Japanese school.

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You are handed the white haired Cloud – the guy who in childhood have experienced complex trauma and now thinks she previously worked at a powerful Corporation security official. The Corporation is called “Shinra” – and work on it, even in thought, is quite low: the company has made around Mako reactors, which pollute the planet, round, natural, cyberpunk. In the capital of this outrage, the city of Midgar, dirt and dust do not breathe. In this environment, Cloud meets a group of terrorists whose goal is to blow up as many reactors sabotinova work “Shinra”. Pretty quickly, however, anti-state pathos about broken love story – Cloud meets iris, who sells flowers and watching the dilapidated Church. Iris the girl is not simple – in her veins flows the blood of the Ancient race that is able to defeat the main villain: Sephiroth. The already convoluted plot even a single time will turn inside out all the characters, will reshuffle the villains, and iris in the game will do this, some still goosebumps.

After escaping from Midgar in the game will open the global map – and you have a desire to go away on vacation. In Final Fantasy VII a few tens (if not hundreds) of villages, settlements and other places where you can take quests, play mini-games, grow a farm Chocobo (don’t ask) and chat with the locals. The majority of wandering to the plot have no relationship, but it is from these travels and develops a unique charm; its own history, which then is not ashamed to tell friends and share on the forums.

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Perhaps this was the seventh trump card “final tables” is not a breakthrough for the time graphics, not the story, not the combat system, but it is the feeling of a fairy tale – when landed on the porch the next small village and know that there will be something interesting.

Will return to this now – the picture is scary, but not deterred – but is it worth to choose as the return mobile platform? Honestly, it is unlikely that it is better to wait for the remake on the PS4 or if there is no console to buy the game on Steam.

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