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Fatal defeat Apple, which no one noticed

Fiercely criticizing the decision by Apple to remove the iPhone headphone Jack 7, the public did not notice another important point. The second generation Apple Watch has not received the premium version. All the power of technology and marketing saved Apple from a crushing defeat in the market of luxury watches. Nv analysts believe that this is a symptom of “deeper problems” within Apple.

The market for premium hours, has long been controlled by a group of Swiss private companies, is very specific. Here appreciate quality and expensive materials, reputation, name, and finally the manual Assembly. Apple has tried to invade this market with the “new iPhone”, which is stamped in large quantities on production lines. And pushed the magic power of the brand and the hype in the Newspapers and social networks.


Two years ago, introducing the Apple Watch, Tim cook showed a version with the 18K gold. Prices started from $10 000. And the top version cost all of $17 000. Do not even try to find information about this version hours on the Apple website today. Its simply not there.

The most expensive version of the new generation of Apple Watch is ceramic, not gold case. And it costs only about $1000.

All. Apple is no longer trying to play on-site Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, etc.

Despite all the bluster cook (at the presentation on Wednesday was even shown a slide with information about what Apple is No. 2 in premium segment hours), waiver of premium ” model is, in a sense, a fiasco. Marketers Apple, perhaps for the first time in the history of the company, he has made a mistake. They simply misjudged the target audience.

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The fact that the premium does not directly tied to technology. People who are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the watch, not interested in innovation. They have no strict need to learn quickly with the help of the gadget in the hand, what time will the next business meeting.

For this purpose they have long-legged secretaries with degrees from the best universities in the world and a free knowledge of several languages. For this reason, there is no need to watch for notifications about incoming calls. The Secretary will answer. And the personal driver Mercedes S-class he knows the way to a 5 star hotel or the best restaurant in town.

And certainly, wealthy buyers little concerned about the fitness functions, like counting steps or calories, as a sport, they are not engaged in Central Park in new York, and in elite fitness clubs with personal trainer. Former Olympic champion, of course.

For such people a watch is not a functional unit, but a sign of status. A sign of the presence of taste and, of course, a sufficient amount of money in the Bank.

That’s why the biggest brands of watches have existed for a hundred years and not going anywhere.

And one more thing.

An expensive watch and therefore expensive, that they change often. It is also a kind of chic, to wear a watch famous and extremely expensive models for decades.

Rich buyers will not change the clock every couple of years, just to get a couple of new features. And it goes against the business model of Apple, which is based on how to regularly push consumers to new things.

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You can imagine the person who will change bought two years ago for $3000 watch Omega Seamaster just because the manufacturer released a new model, able to withstand immersion to a depth of 1200 and 1300 m?

That’s it.

The second generation Apple Watch released with a focus on fitness. After a couple years it will be possible to improve the accuracy of counting steps and measuring heart rate, and then people will run to change his watch for the third generation. This field, which Apple used to play and win. And she stays on it, stop trying expansion in the premium segment.

By itself, this error indicates the arrogance of the cook. Felt attitude of “we’re Apple, we can do anything”. The decision to remove the headphone Jack is also from this Opera. Let’s see what will come of this venture.

“This approach seems to be a harbinger of fatal troubles for the company, the analyst writes. Is a serious Wake-up call”.

And by the way, if you invade in the premium segment did not work for Apple — the popular brand of the planet, then it definitely should not be taken neither Samsung or Huawei or Xiaomi. After all, they rely only on technology, they don’t have a tenth of the “Apple” charm.

The technology itself is not always critical. And not always win. This is an interesting and important lesson for major IT corporations.

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