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Fast charging technology Super mCharge from Meizu allows you to fully charge a smartphone in 20 minutes

Meizu within the MWC presented the latest solution with fastest performance charging smartphones. Technology allows you to charge the device battery capacity of 3000 mAh in just 20 minutes. Overcoming significant technological barrier, Meizu has presented the technology fast charging the third generation using direct high-voltage method. The solution is named Super mCharge.

Charging connector 11 To/5 And is characterized by a maximum power of 55 W, which provides rapid charging to full volume in just 20 minutes. Thanks to the Super mCharge, to fully charge a completely discharged battery requires the same time as takes to drink one Cup of coffee, said Meizu. This frees you from the tedious hours of binding to sockets.

Based on Super mCharge is the principle of a charge pump based on the use of only two groups of converters for direct output half voltage. This improves the charging efficiency from 9% to 98%. Thanks to the Super mCharge, the maximum battery temperature during charging is 39°C (102,2°F), which provides enhanced security.

Reduced heat dissipation and current, along with the upgraded data transmission cable, capable of sustaining 160 watts, should provide security and durability Super mCharge. As the results of the test, the battery is a 3000 mAh battery retains over 80% capacity for 800 cycles of charge-discharge, which ensures a lifespan of more than two years. It is able to withstand the force of the current, 4 times the performance of conventional batteries.

Super mCharge not only provides speedy charging, but also “is the safest of all counterparts,” says the manufacturer. In tests, the prototype Meizu 11 times exceeded speed charging the iPhone 7 Plus and were 3.6 times faster Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Those who visited the stand at MWC Meizu note, the charger is Super mCharge was very large – some charging for laptops less adapter Meizu.

When the first gadgets with support for Super mCharge, Meizu said.

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