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Fast Apple patents wireless charging

Apple patents the technology which will effectively charge devices at a distance by using radio waves. This publication reports Patently Apple.

At the end of December 2017, the company Energous has received permission from the Federal Commission of the USA in regard to the use of radio waves for charging various ustroit in the distance.

Like other Apple patents, the recent proposal contains very General language. The described technology allows for fast charging at a distance effectively.

The essence of the Apple patent is that the system will not charge all devices simultaneously, but will allow you to set the order of replenishment of the batteries of gadgets. The technology provides for customization of templates, modes, calendar and timetable of charging, as well as the prioritized list of devices.

Such a mechanism is not without problems:

  • first, when the distance from the energy source significantly reduces the capacity available for the charging device;
  • second, the existing security rules to limit the volume of the transmitted charge.

Thus, for charging gadgets remains relatively small amount of energy.

It is not known how soon the devices for wireless charging at a distance will go into production, and what Apple gadgets will support this technology.

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