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FAS suspected of cellular operators in a consistent rejection of tariffs with unlimited Internet

The Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation may initiate proceedings in relation to the mobile operators due to the fact that they are almost at the same time refused to tariffs with unlimited Internet. The Agency asked the company to justify this decision.

The FAS received complaints that subscribers have noticed that the operators shut down unlimited calling almost simultaneously, said the head of Department of regulation of communications and it of the FAS Elena zaeva. In terms of growth of mobile traffic consumption, such behavior looks unexpected and suspicious.

The decision to initiate proceedings against the operators can be made in the near future, she said. According to Seavoy, FAS expects evidence of a credible threat of congestion from unlimited tariffs.

The representative of “MegaFon” informed the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the operator will provide the service necessary information. Representatives of MTS and Tele2 declined to comment.

From January to April 2017 of the Federal cellular operators have consistently announced the refusal from tariffs with unlimited Internet, closing to connect new users.

First from unlimited Internet refused Yota (belongs to “MegaFon”). Himself “MegaFon” refused to tariffs on 1 February and explained this lack of interest from subscribers. In March, the service refused MTS, and in April — Tele2. Representatives of the operators said that the real bandwidth consumption on unlimited tariffs are slightly higher than usual. At the same time they talked about the high network load due to the unlimited tariffs.

The CEO of Tele2 Sergey Emdin in may 2017, said that the sale of tariffs with unlimited traffic accounted for about 25% of all sales operators, with 50% of the entire network was loaded exactly consumers unlimited tariffs.

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The antitrust agencies have already written to the mobile operators queries queries and study information.

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