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FAS promises to abolish national roaming in Russia, including Crimea

10.07.2017 0 Comments

FAS intends to seek the abolition of national roaming in Russia. About this in an interview with TASS was declared by the head of Department Igor Artemyev.

FAS promises to abolish national roaming in Russia, including Crimea

In Russia there are national and intra-network roaming, and a separate roaming in the Crimea. According to the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service, FAS has tried to convince mobile operators of the need to abandon roaming charges, “but this work was delayed.”

“Legally, we have all the laws to remove the notion of “roaming”, leaving only as a technical term. We will still achieve, and the first one to abolish roaming charges, he will receive the applause, I think, and the leadership of the country will notice it,” said Artemyev.

“We can’t accept that, we will ask our politicians to approach this issue from a political yardstick. We live in the same country, we have no domestic roaming should not be. This applies to the Crimea”, — said the head of FAS.

In June Artemyev has declared that its Department prepares the documents for withdrawal from the legislation of the concept of domestic roaming. Higher prices for communication in the Crimea and the suburbs, he called shame: “What, you don’t live in their own country, or what?”

FAS promises to abolish national roaming in Russia, including Crimea

Now in Russia there are three kinds of roaming: national, on-net and separate on the Crimean Peninsula. Intranet roaming involves working a “home” subscriber’s operator in another region, and the national is switched on when the operator does not work there.

MegaFon does not work in the Crimea as in one of the home regions: it provides for the Peninsula special roaming option with a monthly fee of 15 rubles and 5 rubles per minute.

MTS offers Crimeans to connect to the branch in Krasnodar Krai: the cost of outgoing calls in this case varies from 1 to 10 rubles. “Beeline”, although in fact they have disabled the roaming in Russia in the last tariff plans and left him in Sevastopol, Crimea and Kamchatka: the average cost of an outgoing call — 10 rubles.


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