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FAS: Apple has been “normal dialogue” unlike Google

In December of last year the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) opened a case against the Russian representative office of Apple “Apple Rus”. The case was opened on suspicion of abuse of a dominant position on the market on the complaint of the iPhone user. Also, the Agency is already in the Apple case for the coordination of the pricing on the iPhone. As told journalists the head of the FAS Igor Artemyev, the investigation on the overpricing of the iPhone 7 will be completed in February, he did not rule out coming to an agreement.

Proceedings on coordination of prices on the iPhone and the lack of supply of spare parts is active, and in January, the FIC will be understanding of the situation 90%, and in February the trial will be completed, said Artemyev.

“I can say that in principle we do not see any serious opposition by Apple, in fact, that the course of our investigation,” — said Artemyev, citing the example of the opposite with Google.

“I have a feeling that Apple doesn’t behave” — said Artemyev. The challenge now is FAS — “to understand this excessive act or a conscious policy of banana republics”.

With is “normal open dialogue, honest and decent, we treat this with understanding and respect, and will any proposals be formulated,” said the head of FAS. “Maybe they want to somehow come to terms with us in this part in the interests of the consumer,” he said.

Artemyev said that in the settlement agreement, the company issued the minimum fine. If the breach of legislation is confirmed, the head of Apple Tim cook faces a fine of 15 000 to 20 000 rubles, and the company itself – from 300 000 to 1 million rubles. In most cases, the FAS also instructs to eliminate the violation. How did the abuse, the FAS explained.

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Apple is abusing a dominant position on the market iPhone repair, iPhone user says Dmitry Petrov, filed a complaint with the FAS. In Russia smartphones nobody can fix it without her permission, but Apple does not provide parts for the repair of screens, he says, referring to the materials of the FAS. Accordingly, the FAS may require Apple to remedy the violation to supply parts for iPhone repair in Russia.

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