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FAS agreed with the cellular operators about cancellation of domestic roaming in 2017

The FAS and Russian mobile operators have agreed to abolish roaming charges within the country in 2017. It is reported by RNS with reference to the Deputy head of Department Anatoly Golomolzin.

According to golomolzina, operators will strive to ensure that the tariffs for communications services for the whole of Russia did not differ from the home region. “This, in particular, should contribute to the facilitation of interconnection of Telecom operators, removing redundant requirements to them”, — he explained.

“National roaming is when a subscriber of the operator is moved to a region where there is no network of this operator and therefore the service he needs to use the network of another operator. We agreed that the cardinal close this topic in relation to the Crimea. In the first quarter of this year, the issue of national roaming should not exist for subscribers travelling to Crimea. For 2017 in Russia, this issue of roaming is solved in the whole country”, — said Golomolzin.

The FAS also intends to seek changes in the rates for international calls to the subscribers of “experienced discomfort” when using the communication services outside of Russia. “With the operators we’ve discussed how you need to move in this direction”, — said Golomolzin.

In December last year, the Russian operators at a meeting with the Federal Antimonopoly service has agreed with the necessity of the abolition of domestic roaming, but a specific timeline was not called.

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