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Farewell to AirPort: Apple refuse another product that is loved by millions

This week it became known about Apple’s decision to disband one of its units – a team that was responsible for wireless solutions Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Express. The first AirPort base station was presented 17 years ago, back in 1999, and the latest models of branded Apple routers appeared in 2013, and since then not been updated. We will remind, the AirPort Express is a compact wireless station with data transmission on Wi-Fi and AirPlay, AirPort Extreme, supported Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and AirPort Time Capsule router with integrated hard drive for automatic backups over the wireless network.

On the one hand to the Apple such decision will not affect financial stability – sales of such devices are so small that they do not take into account in quarterly report (they were placed in the “Other” section along with the Apple Watch, headphones and speakers). Now the company is concentrating all resources on the premium products, and the routers in this list are not included. Yes, ten years ago Wi-Fi technology was relatively new and to develop it was necessary, and Apple has indeed actively worked on this – remember the same AirPort Extreme. But now you need to throw on something more innovative.

On the other hand, the termination of the development of their own routers in Cupertino is not limited to – Apple refuses Time Capsule. And, frankly, many such decision surprised: this device is a revolution in its field. The gadget proved to be very practical, even now many people prefer to make backups of their computers using Time Capsule. Of course, the technology is very outdated and on the market there are far more interesting alternatives as data transmission speed and volume, but by itself, the Time Capsule remains the best solution for Mac users, allowing you to save a backup every hour. On the other hand, besides creating and storing backups, Time Capsule with quite a controversial design, especially with nothing to brag about.

In fact, Apple was at least four reasons to stop further development of wireless routers and, consequently, to disband the whole unit:

1. The prevalence of technology. Currently Wi-Fi is for everyone (or each user) – Apple has made their revolution universal rejection of wires, and now there is no point to work in this direction. Providers of Internet services generally offer their routers to end users, therefore, to buy or to put an alternative AirPort routers makes no sense.

2. Cooperation with another manufacturer. Apple did not see prospects in the development of their own Thunderbolt displays, so the production was transferred to LG, who have more experience and capabilities in this direction. It is likely that the situation could be repeated with AirPort Time Capsule, if partners will be able to offer something more innovative.

3. Integration with other devices. It has long been rumored that Apple TV could become a Central hub for the future “smart home” (or at least “smart living”), and the router AirPort can simply be built into the new console generation. We believe that this option is quite independent console will not only receive but to give away the Internet.

4. The rejection of technology in favor of iCloud. Tim cook is first and foremost a salesman, and he has already shown that he knows how and knows how to make money. We do not exclude a variant in which the refusal of Time Capsule, intended to lead the transition to iCloud. Data backup to cloud storage is offered now for iOS devices, and Apple, apparently, will continue in this direction. The company provides 5 GB free cloud space, and for a larger volume you have to pay – if Mac users decide to back up to iCloud, you will have to shell out.

The latter, incidentally, seems the most likely — why would Apple not to offer users to store their data on remote store because is a concept from backups to Time Capsule is no different, except that the backup is accessible from anywhere in the world.

However, neither the analysts nor the users do not support this idea — at least on the thematic resources and forums can be traced to exactly this trend. Many need a device for local backup, because the high-speed Internet access may simply not exist — for example, out of town or on business trips. In addition, the restore the backup to the new MacBook from iCloud can take hours.

In any case, Apple seems to have decided again took a break. Why you need an additional device like a Time Capsule, if you can do less, and the backups on iCloud are different except that the lack of a local disk? And finally, the goal of any company to make – buy a subscription and do backups, at least every half hour, if only the space was enough. And outdated technology a thing of the past, replaced by “a new generation of Apple TV, which we have not seen.”

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