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Fan recessed waterproof Apple Samsung Galaxy S7 [video]

One of the key features of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 — he is not afraid of water. From the point of view of performance, as we have seen, to wait for him to do something particularly outstanding is not worth it. The phone boasts quite an original design and a waterproof casing. Otherwise, the models that replaced the Galaxy S6, does little to capture the imagination.

User YouTube under the name EverythingApplePro decided to test the Galaxy S7, the purpose of which was to find out how good machine in terms of moisture protection. Because the gadget has no special water-resistant plugs, no need to even plug the 3.5 mm audio Jack for headphones.

In a statement, Samsung said that the smartphone is able to sustain up to half an hour in the water. How true is this statement?

As a “rival” for Galaxy S7 iPhone 6s made, dressed in the waterproof case. According to Apple fans, “Apple” of the device it sends rather to the company.

Both smartphones are the author of the video put into a leaky jar, and in order that the gadgets are not surfaced, placed a stone there. Finished “the drowning”, as you can see, a complete failure of the South Korean unit. iPhone 6s in the special case remained intact.

In fairness it should be noted that full water-resistant Galaxy S7 is guaranteed when submerged in a depth of five feet. And the author of the experiment the device was lowered into the water 10 meters.

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