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Fan of Apple recreated in Minecraft new headquarters in the form of a spaceship

Video blogger Alex Westerland recreated the new headquarters Apple Campus 2 in the form of a flying saucer in the game Minecraft. He uploaded it to YouTube two-minute video, which shows all the details of his work.

Map Minecraft demonstrating a new office of Apple in the form of a giant ring. A futuristic campus and a spaceship in the distant future, its shape was conceived by Steve jobs. The gaming layout includes a main building housing Apple in Cupertino, and the supporting facilities – underground Parking, fitness center, meeting room, atrium and adjacent area.

To re-create a geographically correct version of the four-storey headquarters in Minecraft, left 232 hours and several million units. In the end the developer was realistic, by the standards of popular games, card. The interiors of the main building of the Apple, too, was not overlooked.

Note that the completion of Apple Campus 2 is planned in 2017. The total area of the real buildings will total 120,000 square meters, it will be equipped with all necessary for work and stop employees from Apple, which the Cupertino and surrounding areas is home to more than 30 000. The most expensive part of the new headquarters will be the conference hall for 1000 seats, its creation will cost $161 million

Game Minecraft created by Swedish Studio Mojang, exists since 2009. Then launched the first alpha version of the project. At the end of 2011 the final version of the game was released on PC and then ported to the Xbox 360 console. In 2014, Minecraft was bought by Microsoft for $2.5 billion.

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The essence of the game is to interact with the outside world, which is randomly generated. In it, players need to build buildings, mine resources, and fight with the aggressive creatures. Visually the game is stylized three-dimensional pixel art.

Gamers have created many different objects in Minecraft. Earlier we wrote about working iPhone, which is recreated in the popular game.

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