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Fan of Apple made an edible copy of the Apple II Plus

There are cooks-modelers who wish to create copies of objects not only plausible, but also suitable for human consumption. American designer, Nayan prior, known online under the nickname HaHaBird, shared with the public photos of edible computer Apple II Plus, which he made together with his son on Christmas vacation.

The author has tried to consider all the design features PC, released in 1979. Played a mechanical keyboard, rainbow Apple logo, motherboard, floppy drive and even 5-inch diskette, which will surely hurt this drive.

Carefully recreated even the inside of the Apple II Plus, and the keys are replaced by chocolates and a fragment of a chocolate bar. Greenish tint floppy attached does not mold, and light Christmas garland, said the designer.

It is unknown what became of the edible replica of the ancient computer: was eaten the Apple II Plus or the cook just left it on memory, not reported.

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