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Fan of Android called 5 reasons to abandon the iPhone 7 Plus in favor of Google Pixel XL

Despite a number of technical problems associated with the use of Pixel and Pixel XL, these smartphones are considered the best in the Android ecosystem. Many have noticed that the reference “phones” characterize a decent technical characteristics and a fairly high price tag, unlike its predecessors in the Nexus lineup.

The journalist of The Verge, Dieter Bon calls Pixel and Pixel XL “best Android phones you can buy,” and his colleague-columnist, a veteran in IT journalism Walt Mossberg marked the Pixel as “by far the best Android phone I’ve ever tested.”

The basic version of the device with 32 GB of memory is estimated at $649 and $769 for Pixel and Pixel respectively XL. However, this price is not entirely unfounded — buying one of the Pixel models, the user receives a number of unique characteristics that can not offer other smartphones. Edition Phonearena has named five advantages phablet Pixel XL, which, according to Android user make a choice in favor of the iPhone 7 Plus is a big mistake.

1. A better camera

Pixel and Pixel XL got the best camera in the smartphone market. So say Google and agree to Phonearena. The camera is equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor Sony IMX378 with a pixel size of 1.55 microns, an aperture of f/2.0, phase autofocus and led flash.

Responsible for quality Overdrive mode HDR+, which will not increase the saturation and contrast on the photograph and electronic image stabilizer. All this allows you to make high-quality pictures in almost any conditions. As claimed by Google, smartphones Pixel received the highest rating in the test for cameras DxOMark, scoring 89 points. This is slightly more than the iPhone 7 that succeed in 86 points.

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Google Pixel XL:

the iPhone 7 Plus:

2. More lightweight and compact

iPhone 7 Plus weighs 188 grams, which, however, it is unlikely you will disturb while you are held in the hands of Google Pixel XL (168 grams). The flagship Apple weighs lighter than its predecessor, the iPhone 6s Plus (192 g), but compared to the Pixel seven, in my opinion, too heavy. Easy Pixel does not affect its reliability, but in the hands it is easier to keep.

2. Unlimited cloud for photos and videos

Pixel XL works under Android 7.1 Nougat. In addition to the basic innovations of this operating system the smartphone has several unique characteristics. The most notable of them are Pixel Launcher, improved Google assistant Assistant, as well as unlimited storage of full-size photos and video in 4K in Google Photos. In addition, it provides the optimize memory feature, which automatically transfers have not opened files to the cloud, to avoid cluttering your device’s internal memory.

3. Standard audio

The iPhone 7 Plus, as you know, is no audio Jack to connect standard headphones. But the 3.5 mm output is very often used not only for headsets – it can be portable speakers, on-Board automobile systems, home stereos, etc. Yes, Apple has issued in the box with the phone adapter with a Lightning to 3.5 mm, but for those who actively use the connector, no audio output can be a serious problem.

5. “Smart” voice assistant

Reporters call the voice assistant Google Assistant is one of the main advantages of the line Pixel. A virtual assistant essentially is an improved version of Google Now. He is able to perform a series of queries — for example, to search for relevant user requirements movies, and then order tickets for them. Thus, unlike its competitors, Google Assistant does not require a specific smartphone, tablet or any other device, since it is a multi-platform service.

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