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Familiarity with iPhone X on Macdigger

The evening of October 31 edition Macdigger boasted that we were able to global sales start to get the long-awaited iPhone X. Now we are ready to tell about this device is something interesting.

But first, you, dear readers. In the morning, after a sleepless night with a smartphone, we wiped the blood from his eye, speaking from the beyond literacy reviews reluctantly put aside the iPhone X and are willing to tell.

How to use Apple Pay? Do I have to press the button before it or enough to bring to the terminal?

Variants two: or you can double-click the power button before payment or put the iPhone X to the terminal and Apple Pay will be activated automatically. The second option sounds more convenient, but to use it you’ll be the first. Before, at the moment of contact of the terminal, you can confirm the transaction with a thumbprint, and now the smartphone after activation of the payment system you want to deploy myself to meet the eyes of a front-facing camera.

Would love to hear from You hours iPhone one full charge with the included: Smart inversion; energy Saving; Black Wallpaper on the screen saver and home. Together with the active use of the Internet and the rest. Thank you!

We would also be happy to know all this interesting information. If you ever meet the person who can do that trick and test the battery under different conditions during the day — take his lessons.

As Face ID works in complete darkness?

Gorgeous. There is a feeling that Face ID without any difference the conditions in which to work. For face recognition respond to infrared sensors and not the sensor of the front camera so dark and even many sunglasses will not be a hindrance to Face ID.

Flickers if the display compared to the iPhone 8

The last time we seriously thought about the flickering about 15 years ago when I was sitting for indecently thick monitors. Who pair the iPhone 8 and iPhone X should more or less flicker and how it manifests itself — we do not understand.

Will look like the screenshot with the iPhone X if you transfer it to another device?

If you are interested in the question of the ledge at the top of the screen — it on the picture is not. The rest is the usual screenshot, no better and no worse than the screenshots from other devices.

Keyboard in landscape orientation with blank space on the sides or contains functional buttons, plus on iOS 10?

Functional buttons there are, but nowhere are the buttons to switch the language and dictation. When creating iPhone X someone at Apple decided to take this beyond the keyboard in portrait and landscape orientation. Yes, we are also very amazed by this fact.

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What is the black color OLED display in the dark?

No way. In OLED displays black pixels are not illuminated. If the screen will be completely black picture, it will not differ from the off state. Rumor has it that the trick with the black Wallpaper can be used for longer battery life, but it seems to us that several minutes are not worth to spend days looking at least funny picture. Put the Wallpaper you like.

The battery is severely diluted?

Much. If you buy iPhone X, put the battery in a matter of hours. The next day it happens again and then again and again. The good thing is that sooner or later you get bored to get a smartphone from your pocket to get something to poke or to show off — then the autonomy will be the norm.

Much scratched pilarova aluminum frame? And then knowing how to make Apple their iPod Touch 4g scratched even by the hands.

For hands there are good creams and scrubs. To steal from a friend or go to a beauty store. Take care of yourself is not a shame. As for the iPhone X, its frame is made of surgical steel. Unlike aluminum, the damage it will not be easy, and micro-scratches can be removed by careful polishing.

How can you be stupid ….not really impossible to put a fingerprint scanner on the back to Apple.

It would be the most ugly solution on the market. Let’s not test — just trust me on this.

What Wallpaper added iPhone X?

There were three pictures with blurred flowers in the Live section, and “Dynamic” is now seven Wallpaper with balls on a black background. Look cool the first, second sucks.

What version of ios 11 is the default?

No surprises here — out of the box comes with iOS 11.1.

A photo of the screen with an increase of pentile there as midges or norms.

What is the usage scenario of the smartphone under a microscope? Why are you doing this? Screens iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 most awesome.

With the readers ‘ questions we were done, but to move further decided in the same style. To go into detail will not, since familiarity with iPhone X was not a very long time. Briefly go through the main points.

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Here you got iPhone X out of the box — what do you think?

iPhone X makes about the same impression as the first IPhone ten years ago. Open the box, take it in hand and realize that other smartphones after that watch no longer want. Apple did a good job on that iPhone X evoked vivid emotions and didn’t want to let go. Very cool, if all of the following ten-year-old iPhones will be in the same style.

As size, convenient to use?

iPhone X iPhone 8 little bigger, but its screen is significantly larger than the iPhone 8 Plus. Perhaps, Apple has long tested different diagonal to find a perfect combination of screen size and smartphone. Convenient to use, in the pocket does not interfere with, the display began to fit more content. It is a pity that Apple waited so long with the release of this device — it has long had to get rid of the fatty part around the screen.

Like design, iPhone X beautiful?

The unequivocal answer to this question is a matter of taste. With confidence we can say that iPhone X showy and attracts attention. The choice has two options: black and silver. The front panel is the same, differs only in the color of the glass and frame. In the black model a steel coloured glass panels but left open the question of stability of this coating. In light grey glass used in the iPhone 8, and the frame has a “natural color”. Speaking about appearance, I can not mention the stupid location of the main camera. In person she looks unexpectedly well, but due to the vertical orientation of the touch point of the table was minimal — lying on the plane X iPhone annoyingly shaking during use.

No wonder Apple switched to AMOLED?

Here without variants — the screen is awesome. Tell us about the quality of the picture is not so interesting, so I suggest you go to the store and see the new display at work. IPhone in X very high brightness, contrast, color saturation, and introduces support for HDR-video. After this the other iPhone displays seem dull misunderstandings.

Without the Home button unusual?

The first few minutes gestures down little bit. To unlock you need to hold your finger just in the bottom of the screen, and closer to the middle anymore. It’s weird. Swipe the app instead of pressing the buttons is convenient, but I keep forgetting between programs you can switch the horizontal scrolling at the bottom of the screen. Hold your finger when swiping the application to launch pane multitasking seems logical, but I hate that to open “control Center” now we need to reach to the top of the display. Although a few hours to the new management used, and the old iPhone starts to try to work the same way. Regrets about a past era of the “Home” button there. But the “control Center” is still angry.

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Camera changed much?

Front received the portrait mode and the lighting effects, the main optical stabilization for two modules and more light optics portrait lens. Powerful qualitative differences from the iPhone 8 Plus we haven’t noticed, the iPhone camera X is good enough and versatile, but still not the best on the market when shooting in difficult conditions.

What sound?

iPhone X is very loud and clear. To set the alarm clock to the maximum we suggest. Speakers iPhone 8 has received a serious boost in volume compared to previous generations but the iPhone X feels quite a bit louder.

How apps work on the new screen?

Many programs and games in the App Store are not optimized for the iPhone X (e.g., VK) some do not work correctly in fullscreen mode (Telegram), very few apps already supporting a new smartphone (Yandex.Metro). From 3 November the situation will change — the developers will quickly release updates. However, big problems running software is not — thanks to a perfectly black color of AMOLED screen strip at the top and bottom of the screen, not annoying.

What is the result? Should I buy X or, take a simple “eight”?

To buy or not — this question should not arise after experience with the iPhone X. But there will be enough money to buy it? If the budget allows — I’m surprised you haven’t placed your order and advise urgently to be corrected. Otherwise, it’s time to learn to convince myself that the old iPhone against the new models don’t look like a dull piece of junk. And it’s hard. Apple made a badass smartphone, in front of which there is no chance to resist. Yes, the iPhone X is not perfect. It is disgusting shaking on the table because of the protruding camera, it’s got a weird standard keyboard with two buttons thrown out, many applications are not run in full-screen mode, and management will have to get used to. But, hell, after several years of totally boring iPhones, this model has become a powerful breath of fresh air and finally brings bright emotions.

PS And iPhone X already waiting for you in

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