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Fallen in the bath iPhone killed 32-year-old resident of London

The tragic incident occurred in the British capital. 32-year-old London resident Richard bull died from electric shock from the fallen in the bath iPhone connected to the charger.

The body of the deceased was found by his wife who called the ambulance and told the doctors about the cause of the incident. At first, she decided that her husband was killed on his chest and her hands men were visible black spots caused by severe burns. The smartphone was discovered in the bathroom near the corpse.

According to the preliminary conclusion of forensic experts, the Briton died from an electric shock. Militiamen find out all circumstances of an event.

According to preliminary data, bull put iPhone on charge, connect the extension cord to the outlet, and then climbed into the water. The device fell into the tub, which caused a short circuit.

Dr Sean Cummings, responsible for the medical examination, said that he was going to contact Apple with the requirement to include in the user manual paragraph warning of such danger.

“They seem harmless devices, but can be dangerous in the bathroom as, for example, the Hairdryer,” said he.

This is not the first case, the tragic death of iPhone owners. In February 2015 in Moscow in similar circumstances killed 25-year-old Evgenia Sviridenko, an employee of one of the tour operators working in the capital. The investigation revealed that charging the iPhone was damaged, resulting in water was exposed wire.

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