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Fake crypto-wallet climbed to the top of the App Store

Fake crypto-wallet that looks as if created by the owners MyEtherWallet, became the third most popular app Store in the Finance category. About it reports TechCrunch.

Is unclear, the developers are trying to make money by fraud, stealing ETH and other cryptocurrencies, or selling the software open source, which costs 4.99 USD.

Yesterday, December 10, MyEtherWallet confirmed that has no relation to the fake wallet and sent a complaint to Apple:

“It’s NOT us. Would be grateful for help in getting rid of these crooks.”

TechCrunch notes that the developer of this crypto-wallet never had to deal with cryptocurrencies, so you should not trust him:

“Nam Le, the developer of the wallet, there are still three applications. There are games in which you have to fight the Panda, but there is nothing that would remind crypto or bitcoin services.

In the app description States that all keys and data stored on the device, but actually it is not so: any information available to the developer at any time. In this connection, import an existing wallet or create a new not recommended.”

Myetherwallet is the most popular web wallet for Ethereum. The Ethereum is a cryptocurrency.

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