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Factory workers on the iPhone Assembly insulted the boss due to a request not to smoke in the wrong place

Terry GOU, head of Foxconn Technology Group, the largest contract manufacturer in the world and the main partner of Apple, was recently humiliated by their own employees for not Smoking in the wrong place. It is reported Ekd.

In Chinese and Taiwanese social networks are actively discussing a video in which Go requests of several working to extinguish cigarette at the entrance to the dining room, where Smoking is prohibited. Workers rudely rejected the request, apparently not having learned his boss. In response, the businessman heard the words “who are You?” and “What’s your *** business.”

Go enraged threatened them with dismissal. “If they [managers] don’t mend your brains, then I will! Foxconn does not need such employees, like you,” said Terry GOU.

Later, the head of the factory stated that all employees must obey the rules and promised to strengthen the observation that people smoke only in designated areas.

Foxconn — the world’s largest plant for the production of electronics under contract. His main partner is Apple. For safety purposes, Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the plant, except in specially designated zones.

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