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Facebook working on its own virtual assistant Moneypenny

Facebook leads the testing of your own virtual assistant that something needs to compete with Siri, Cortana and Google Now. This was said on Tuesday The Information.

Fans of James bond will be surprised dubbed as a virtual assistant in Facebook. At the moment the project is codenamed Moneypenny – that that is the name of one of the fictional characters in novels and films about James bond. However not the fact that at the time of release of the service will be named the same.

Moneypenny was created in order to allow users messenger Facebook to find the most attractive deals related to products and services. Moneypenny in the work partly relies on human resources. Apparently, we are talking about a kind of hybrid technology, which allows you to search and filter the data automatically and with the support of operators. What will it look like in practice, is not entirely clear.

The assistant should help Facebook to ensure monetization of Facebook Messenger user base which now has 700 million people.

At what stage is the project and what it will be able to offer users Moneypenny, is still unknown.

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