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Facebook will select ads based on visits to real shops

22.09.2017 0 Comments

If the user allows Facebook to track its location, the social network will be able to choose ads based on visits to real shops.


Facebook will select ads based on visits to real shops

According to a post on the Facebook Business blog, the social network introduced a new feature that allows you to choose the advertisement, depending on where the user happens in real life.

For example, if the user visited one of the partner stores Facebook, the app was tracking its location, in the future the Facebook page will be advertising this outlet.


Also, the system will now distinguish between regular and potential customers of the same store. If the user is in the same place constantly, it will not receive an advertising message designed for the man who was never there, and might be interested in visiting. At the same time, a regular customer will see a message with upgrades, discounts or award in force at the present time.

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