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Facebook opened the Facebook service video streaming Live to all users

Social network Facebook opened up user access to the service live videos Live. On Wednesday, March 6, announced company founder mark Zuckerberg.

Now users have access to features like group streaming, instant reactions about the video, sending invitations to friends to view, map live broadcasts around the world. Some foreign media noted that Facebook Live is now able to seriously compete with other service direct video translyacii – Periscope.

Zuckerberg noted that thanks Live users will be easier to create your videos and share them with friends. According to him, the launch of video service for the entire Facebook audience in the future can influence the way people used to communicate in social networks. Zuckerberg himself also held the broadcast and responded to all user questions.

As in Periscope, Facebook Live now, you can instantly share opinions on viewing the broadcast. The author of the video will be to watch the reaction of the audience in real time.

Map live broadcasts Facebook allows real-time viewing, where from sixty countries available direct inclusion happen. If the user, viewing the video will want to invite their friends to join, he can use a special “invitation” button.

In early March of 2016 Facebook promised to pay famous people for using live videos Live. In promoting the service involved actors, comedians, TV stars and famous Internet person. Just to the progress of the project it is planned to attract about 100 famous people.

Service Live was launched in August 2015, but use it could only be celebrities. Broadcasts you can watch in the news feeds of their subscribers.

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