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Facebook launches rival Avito – service ad Marketplace

Facebook has created an application Marketplace where users can sell and buy goods from each other. On Monday, October 3. According to project leader Bowen pan, 450 million people a month use Facebook in order to buy or sell second-hand goods.

In the coming days, the Messenger icon (the app that the users of the network use to communicate), will be replaced by Marketplace icon, clicking on which program with the help of special algorithms will generate on the page is potentially interesting for the user listings.

In the Marketplace do not plan to charge Commission from buyers or sellers, giving the company an advantage over popular online trading sites eBay and Amazon. Apparently, the creators of the project plan in such a way to increase the amount of time that a user spends in Facebook and, consequently, to significantly increase income from advertising.

Facebook will not be liable for the failure of transactions, the sale of defective goods, theft or deception. As stated by pan, to maintain the trust between users in the social network introduced a special feature that allows a potential buyer to see additional information about the seller, including the General location, and date of registration in the social network.

Take advantage of the Facebook Marketplace will be via a mobile social networking application. assumes exclusively the function of bringing together buyer and seller. The social network does not assume the payment of the goods or his delivery.

Given the popularity of Facebook in Russia, a new app can create a serious competition to domestic service.

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