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Facebook has updated the mobile application

Facebook has made small changes to the design of a mobile application. They should make it easier to navigate the news feed and make it easier to read, according to a press release from the company.

Most of the developments have been in the news. The app now has new icons, avatars are round, and the blue color was slightly lighter. In the attached link the name of the site became more visible. In Facebook believe that this should reduce the probability of clicking on fake web sites that masquerade as popular publications.

The review improved navigation. Now, comments on appearance resemble conversations in Facebook Messenger. In addition, the elements have more contrast and also increased the download speed of the previous review.

The app has improved navigation. In Facebook remove unwanted stripes on top and button “Back” has become more visible and near the user’s photo.

New design now available to a limited number of users, but in the coming weeks he will be available to all. The update will get users of iOS and Android.

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