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Facebook has launched group video calling in Messenger

Facebook has announced the launch of group video calling in its own Messenger app. During the call, the user can access the self-masks, stickers, Emoji, and animated gifs. To the conversation can join up to 50 people.

To call to multiple users, you need to click on the appropriate icon in the group chat and select chat members. If any of them miss a call, you will be able to join the videoconference at a later date.

To group call can add up to 50 users, but the user will be able to see all sides just in case if they are not more than six or video will be displayed on a split screen Messenger. If the video chat will connect more people on the screen will display only the six most active members of the group.

In addition, users have self-mask, by analogy with the service Snapchat, as well as text chat with stickers, Emoji and send animated gifs.

According to the developers, the owners of the device installed with the latest version of Messenger will have access to functions in the near future. Group audio calls appeared in the Messenger in April of this year.

Video calling was launched in Facebook messenger in April 2015. According to own data of a social network, per month making video calls 245 million users.

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