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Facebook has launched a self-destructive “story” in Messenger

The developers of social network Facebook has launched a new feature Messenger, Day messenger Facebook Messenger. It is analogous to self-destructing messages that are available in the services Snapchat and Instagram.

Day Messenger allows users to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. To images you can add picture or text, use the graphic filters, the service also proposes to use stickers instead of text messages and specify the location.

Testing functions Messenger Day was held in Poland from October of last year. And this is no coincidence — the developers at Facebook specifically chose the country, characterized by small coverage fans of Snapchat. In the US he was too popular, so the promotion in the American market, similar applications could cause irritation in users.

“Burning” the message is in the messenger ICQ. At the same time in Messenger Day more tools to work with content. In particular, pictures and videos can be applied not only inscriptions and drawings, but various stickers including generated based on the labels.

Day Messenger feature works in much the identical Instagram and Snapchat Stories. The developers have added a camera with the function of image processing by analogy with the application of Prisma and masks similar to those that are in Snapchat.

Download Facebook Messenger for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch at this link.

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