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Facebook has forced Belarusian developers MSQRD remove the mask of Obama, but was allowed to leave Stalin

Belarusian developers MSQRD told that after the purchase of their Facebook app the American the social network insisted that they cleaned the mask with U.S. President Barack Obama because of reasons of political correctness. About the creators told the Belarusian magazine “Big”.

The head of the Belarusian Masquerade startup that developed a popular app for masking on faces in real-time MSQRD, Yauheni nevgen told that the buy the social network Facebook has brought us many limitations. “We have to be politically correct, to comply with all these racial stuff,” he said.

According to Nevena, the management of Facebook also advised to remove from the application the mask of an Indian with feathers on his head, considering it racism. “From Belarus to us it seemed that just a funny mask”, said co-founder MSQRD. Also unsuitable mask rapper Snoop Dogg, in which someone could see as a “white joke, putting on a mask of black”.

“But we have always used only the image and no your mask didn’t want to offend anyone” — said the Belarusian magazine “Big” second Creator app Sergei Gonchar.

The mask of Joseph Stalin from MSQRD to remove was not necessary. “Mask of Stalin has long been unpopular. People always need new masks,” said Gonchar.

9 March 2016, it became known that Facebook buys MSQRD. The amount of the transaction were not disclosed. It was known that the creators MSQRD Eugene Neugene, Sergei Gonchar and Eugene Zatepyakin will go to work in the London office of Facebook. In an interview with Newgen and Potter said that in Facebook’s London office team is going to move in for two months.

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