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Facebook: “did You see that I’m your microphone remotely involved? And I included”

In mid-June 2018 in the Metro newspaper published a report according to which, Facebook has the ability to remotely activate the microphone on the gadget user and to record conversations.

Many users repeatedly noted that Facebook offers to them of what people had recently spoken to, but did not have time to search the Internet. Rob Goldman, Vice President of Facebook in advertising is explained by the manifestation of the phenomenon of the Baader-Meinhof.

Perhaps a social network and do not use this feature, but it has a patent for remote control of microphones of various devices using signals beyond the range of human hearing.

Technology allows Facebook to recognize high frequency sounds that are embedded, for example, in television advertising, which activate the microphone of a smartphone or computer. Thus, the online system can know that the message was seen by a specific person, and determine his reaction to the content.

Representatives of the social network claim that it is just a patent application, and they are not going to implement this technology and use it to show users more ads.

That might be true. However, the photographs from the office of Facebook can be seen that the camera and microphone of the laptop, which works himself, mark Zuckerberg, sealed. That leaves food for thought.

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