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Facebook began testing the button “dislike” in Messenger

The application Facebook Messenger is now possible to respond to messages. Other popular social network decided to allow its users to put dislikes.

However, while it is only available to a limited number of users within the test program. The innovation of the social network gives you the opportunity to respond to the message using 7 variants of Emoji, including in the form of husky and dislike.

Just like in iMessage, when you select messages to friends sent in the chat, you will have the option of emoji where in addition to the traditional symbol of “thumbs up”, now there are “thumbs down”, and sad, and even angry emoticons. Therefore, Facebook still tries to “revive” communication and to make a range of reactions to him varied, including negative.

If test mode is successful, the emoticons will be available to all users of the Facebook messenger.

Recall the “reaction” was launched on Facebook about a year ago and during that time was sent to more than 300 billion emoticons. The most popular remains the symbol of “love” – it accounts for more than half of all reactions.

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