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Facebook announces app for Apple TV to view video from the social network

Facebook announced the app, which allows users to browse videos from their news feeds via Apple TV. In addition to the client version for television receiver Apple social network will make a similar software for ‘smart’ TVs.

With the new Facebook application users can view videos shared by their friends or groups, it will also show live broadcasts of videos that the user has set aside for viewing. Facebook also plans to encourage users videos based on their interests.

Work on the Facebook app for set-top boxes is conducted in the second half of 2016.

“We want people to be able to use the content, whatever they used — phone, computer or TV is just another screen,” — said Vice-President of Facebook for cooperation Dan rose.

Facebook also introduced other changes related to the video. Now mobile social networking app will automatically play the sound from the videos that users come across when scrolling through the news feed. The volume will gradually increase and decrease when scrolling tape.

Also Facebook will make it easier to view vertical video phone: when you click the movie unfold on the screen. Users can minimize the video to a small window in the corner of the screen so you can watch the video in the “picture in picture”. Android users will be able to view the video in this window, even when the app itself is not running Facebook.

Note that the TV app Facebook is just one initiative of a series of projects that will help the company to expand its presence on new platforms and sources for potential income.

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Sources report that Facebook is discussing with various companies on a long-term licensing of premium television content that will be available through the appropriate app. Facebook wants to negotiate about the video duration to 10 minutes, which will cover a variety of topics (from sports to soap operas).

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