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Facebook and Twitter have supported Apple in the dispute with the FBI

Social network Facebook has supported Apple, which refused to assist the FBI of hacking into the iPhone one of the terrorists who participated in an armed attack in San Bernardino (California). With the corresponding statement has acted on Thursday.

The report notes that the social network will continue to fight against high-tech companies imposed requirements to reduce protection of their systems, as such requirements are will create a frightening precedent and hinder the company’s efforts to ensure the safety of its products, reports TASS. At the same time in Facebook stressed that denounces terrorism and appreciates the work of law enforcement agencies to protect citizens.

The social network микроблоговTwitter also supported Apple. The company did not act with a separate statement, but the head of Jack Dorsey wrote on his Facebook page: “We support Apple and [its CEO] Tim cook and thank him for his leadership.”

Earlier Apple took Google. “Forcing companies to create opportunities for hacking devices can compromise the privacy of users… We create safe products to keep your user information secure, and we provide access to the data on the basis of legitimate orders. But it is another thing to demand IT and to give the opportunity to hack the client devices and data. This may be an alarming precedent”, — said the head of the company Sundar Pichai.

The founder of WhatsApp Jan koum also supported Apple. “I always admired the position of cook on the protection of user data and can not support his statement. We must not allow the emergence of such a dangerous precedent. Today at stake is our freedom and our rights,” he said.

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As reported, the U.S. Supreme court demanded from Apple to provide investigators with assistance in extracting data from an iPhone belonging to the terrorist Sayeed Faruq. In response to this, CEO Tim cook said that he would contest the decision, as the request of the authorities threatens the safety of Apple customers.

Ex-intelligence officer USA Edward Snowden, made at the time of resonant statement about large-scale spying by the NSA, is convinced that the us government will not be confined to breaking only one iPhone, they get full access to all Apple gadgets.

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