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Face ID tricked with 3D masks

During the announcement of the iPhone X Apple engineer Phil Schiller claimed that the Face ID cannot be fooled. According to him, the company collaborated with the masters of makeup from Hollywood to teach a system of scanners to distinguish masks from these entities. However, one of the Vietnamese security experts managed to circumvent the system.

Firm Bkav has created an expensive mask, imitating the face of a man. In the production were involved in the made-up frame, printed on a 3D printer and a 2D images of the eye with the lips. With it managed to bypass the security Face ID and unlock iPhone X. Also cheeks makeshift dummy was treated in a special way.

Company Bkav has shared a video that demonstrated how Face ID reads the data from mask and unlocks the iPhone. Then one of the representatives of the company brought the phone to his face again and unlocked it. Thus he proved that the system is facial recognition Apple’s still not perfect. Previously, Bkav’ve been fooled by similar systems on some laptops.

It is important to understand that, in practice, such masks should not be afraid. To create something similar is extremely difficult and costly. For its production will require detailed image of a person, special equipment and trained specialists. We should not forget that Face ID works with artificial intelligence that studies the face of Pelobates all the time. This means that the system will learn and eventually it will be more difficult to deceive a 3D mask.

Previously, the facial recognition system was deceived by the twins. Their facial features as much identical as possible, so Face ID were perceived as one person.

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