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Face ID or Touch ID — which is better?

iPhone X, which was presented on September 12, lost the Home button and, accordingly, the Touch ID sensor. Its replacement came in the scanner face — Face ID. But was he better?

The presentation was one bad moment, which was associated with Face ID: when Craig Federighi demonstrated the operation of the scanner, iPhone unlock did not work. Media made it an issue, but really it was all tied to the iPhone, not the technology. The fact that the device was rebooted before the demonstration, and even the old iPhone with Touch ID after rebooting require a password.

Plus Face ID: running in the dark

To your smartphone enough to look. It does not need to keep under a certain degree the face. All easier. But Touch ID is more familiar and seems more comfortable: pulling a smartphone from his pocket, you can already hold down the key and unblock the device and not to wait for the rotation lock and do the coveted swipe.

Face ID is much more secure than Touch ID. The presentation of this spent a lot of time. If the chance to unlock the iPhone with Touch ID, another finger is equal to 1:50 000, with a Face ID is 1:1 000 000.

System cameras TrueDepth with the projector pixels, the infrared emitter and infrared sensor creates model, and uses machine learning to quickly and accurately determine that it is the owner of the iPhone X.

Plus Face ID: the

Imagine that you have wet hands. Unlock the device using fingerprint will not work, and if you succeed, then you are very lucky. Have a Face ID is not such a problem because the camera does not care how you will look. The presentation stated that the technology to learn and will allow you to unlock your device, if you have applied makeup, grew a beard, donned a hat, sunglasses or other item of clothing.

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Minus Face ID never know what to expect

Like all good sounds, the device needs to be tested. Maybe in two months so Apple will complement and enhance Face ID that everyone will forget about the fingerprint scanner, and, perhaps, everything will take a slightly different and more tragic character. Now Face ID seems very promising and interesting technology that in a few years will become easier.

iPhone X got frameless 5,8″ Super Retina OLED display, 6-core processor A11 Bionic, 64, or 256 GB of flash memory for data storage, dual camera and a compass. Sales will begin November 3, and the version with 64 GB will cost $ 999.

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