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Face ID may not be able to distinguish brothers and sisters [Video]

A new video posted to Reddit shows that the person ID does not distinguish properly brothers and sisters.

The two brothers decided to check the accuracy of face recognition Face ID. Initially, one of the brothers completed the setting up the glasses and showed that the person ID works fine. After that the second brother tried to unlock the iPhone X. As expected, the smartphone didn’t recognize him. But that all ended, the second brother wore a similar style glasses and easily unlock your device.

This video proves that the system is vulnerable not only to the twins. X iPhone can unlock brothers and sisters, with similar facial features and the glasses help hide the inconsistencies.

Apple’s claim that the Face ID is the future technology of biometric unlock for iPhone. Person ID even more secure than Touch ID. The chance that an outsider will be able to unlock iPhone with X Face ID, one in a million.

Previously, the two twin brothers have tried to unlock the phone with Face ID and they didn’t work.

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