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Face ID in iPhone X vs Face Unlock in OnePlus 5T — which system works better

The MacRumors compared the Face ID for iPhone X and system of face recognition of the user on Android smartphones. For the experiment was chosen to model 5T OnePlus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Face ID is working as fast as Touch ID. However, at horizontal position X iPhone system often does not recognize the owner. You can’t unlock the smartphone when it lies flat on the table. Too heavy accessories on the face or head can interfere with the detection.

Scanners Android smartphones are working faster. But they use two-dimensional methods of analysis of the user’s face. The Face Unlock feature does not work in low light, while Face ID does the job, and in the dark. The lack of analysis depth affect safety. Because of this, Android smartphones are not able to apply innovative methods of user authentication when making payments or filling out passwords.

Technology of recognition of owners in the gadgets, OnePlus, and Samsung is imperfect. Therefore, manufacturers still equip the device with fingerprint scanners to compensate for the spaces with privacy.

The statement of Ming-Chi Kuo that Face ID for a few years ahead of existing market technologies, it is still true. Apparently, the success of the system face recognition iPhone user X will lead to the fact that all Apple gadgets will get the same scanners in the coming time.

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