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Face ID fooled by a mask for 200 dollars – video

Vietnamese firm Bkav released a video in which one of the company representatives has again passed the protection of the Face ID with the new mask.

Face ID cheated a week later after the iPhone X. Firm Bkav has designed a 3D mask, imitating the human face, and used it to unlock a new smartphone Apple.

To prove that this is no accident, the representative of the company has created another copy of the mask. The new software used a 3D printer, materials for the treatment of “persons” such as powders and the HD images of the person who owns the iPhone. According to experts from Bkav, all necessary materials will cost $ 200.

In the video, the Creator of the mask shows how it resets settings, Face ID, activate it again and unlock the smartphone using artificial faces. In this case, the smartphone was enabled “to Demand attention for Face ID” that can increase the protection device. This once again proves that the facial recognition system Apple far from ideal.

Face ID is a new technology that replaces the thumbprint scanner in the iPhone. Apple claimed that it is safer than Touch ID, but judging by the video online, it is not so. Previously, the facial recognition system has already lied to the twins and even the mother with the son.

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