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ExxonMobil has added support for Apple Pay 6,000 gas stations in the U.S. [video]

Oil giant ExxonMobil has launched payment system Apple Pay at its gas stations. At the moment the service is maintained at 6 000 gas stations in 46 US States. It is reported by CNET citing a statement ExxonMobile.

ExxonMobil has become a major partner of App le Pay. To date payment service was available at the points of the oil company Chevron. Now and at the pump ExxonMobile users can pay for petrol using your iPhone and Apple Watch.

To pay for the gasoline used by Apple Pay app Speedpass+. This option is much more convenient than the calculation with the cashier at the gas station. According to representatives of ExxonMobil, the integration of Apple Pay will allow motorists to save a lot of time.

By mid-year, ExxonMobil plans to expand the number of gas stations to support Apple’s payment system up to 8,000, and by the end of the year their number will reach 10 000.

Apple Pay works in two ways: you can make purchases either through NFC technology by inserting a smartphone to the special terminal in retail outlets or through the application of electronic purse Apple Pay. The first option is only available for iPhone owners, while e-wallet works for iPad.

Authorize payments using the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Apple charges a Commission of 0.15% of the purchase amount, or 15 cents per 100-dollar payment.

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