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External drive Western Digital G-Drive with USB-C port can be used as a power supply for MacBook

Western Digital has announced a new model drives in the family of G-Technology G-Drive, equipped with USB drive-C. According to the company, the product is designed for owners of portable Macs last generation.

The drive is clad in aluminum body and is available up to 10 TB. Data exchange is done via the USB 3.1 Gen 1. For wider compatibility, the product comes with a cable with connectors USB-C and USB-A.

According to the manufacturer support technology USB Power Delivery provides for the possibility of the drive is Western Digital G-Drive with USB connector-C as a source of power to 45 watts. This allows you to charge the battery of a MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Western Digital G-Drive comes formatted for use with Mac. For a PC, it needs to be reformatted. On the drive is subject to a three-year warranty.

Model Western Digital G-Drive capacity of 10 TB will cost $ 450, with a volume of 8 TB — $ 350, 4 TB — $ 200.

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