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External battery for smartphones Lumopack charged in about 30 minutes [video]

The market is a wide range of external battery that can charge iPhone and iPad. The catch is that to restore their energy requires quite a long time, because of what their use is associated with additional difficulties.

The company Lyte Systems has solved this problem. External compact battery Lumopack capacity 6000 mAh charging to 100% in just 30 minutes. This fact makes it the fastest rechargeable battery in the world. Just 6 minutes she stores enough energy to fully charge an iPhone 6.

Charging Lumopack is made from a standard USB port or AC adapter. And to connect the device to a mobile gadgets is provided by the adapter with Lightning and microUSB connectors.

The battery is made in the form of a small cylinder of one of two colors (Golden and dark), which easily fits in a jacket pocket or bag. According to the manufacturer, the device is suitable for long trips, when the smartphone might need additional energy.

Lyte Systems collects on the website Kickstarter to gadget $50 000. Lumopack hit the market in October this year and will cost about 70 dollars.

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