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External battery Anker PowerHouse 120 000 mAh allows you to charge an iPhone 40 times

External batteries typically can charge a smartphone 3-4 times, then they themselves should be charged. This invention is useful in the city, but far away from civilization sense from them a little — here you need a more serious device. So decided in the company’s issued and Anker external battery, capacity which is enough to charge an iPhone 40 times.

Powerhouse built at the Anker battery has a capacity of 120 to 600 mAh. According to the manufacturer, the standard the new laptop can charge at least 15 times. The shortcomings of the products is to be expected: the device weighs 4.5 kg and is the size of a car battery.

Again, Anker Powerhouse is much more expensive than ordinary batteries — about $500 excluding shipping. Although the price definitely justifies it. In addition to a capacious battery and the manufacturer has provided a built-in inverter at 220 volts, allowing you to plug in small household appliances, such as mini-fridge, spetsport USB 2.4 amp for fast charging gadgets, a 12-volt automotive outlet and an informative display.

Anker Powerhouse is the choice for those who prefer to relax from work surrounded by nature within a few days. The external battery will go on sale may 22.

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