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Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is added to the game GTA V

Samsung has suspended deliveries presented in early August a flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7 due to a problem with the battery, causing ignition of the device. The story of the exploding batteries Korean tubes gave rise to many jokes on the subject. One of them captured on video for the news.

Samsung replaced the faulty copies, started the delivery of safe versions of Galaxy Note 7, and the overall situation began to slowly improve. Despite this, the smartphone is likely to go down in history thanks to its characteristics and shortcomings, as was the case with Windows Vista, Apple Maps and others.

Video on YouTube shows the use of the hazardous “nature” of Samsung in the game GTA V, which is very popular during all three years since its appearance on the market.

The video begins with a visit to the gun store where the Galaxy Note 7 is available to purchase as a bomb, and then the hero goes outside, starts to destroy his car and later the police arrived. The smartphone can not only throw, but also to glue on almost any surface.

Of course, perhaps the manufacturer will laugh at this joke, because such a failure in the worst case scenario could even lead to serious injury. However, the known incidents ended very well with minor injuries to users.

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