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Exploded in car Samsung Galaxy S7 almost caused an accident

On the background of the scandal with flammable smartphones Galaxy Note 7, Samsung had to completely withdraw from the production, there are reports of explosions other gadget company model Galaxy S7 edge. Another victim of the South Korean phablet is a 27-year-old girl Sonici lamb from Old dominion University in Norfolk.

A case of spontaneous combustion in Galaxy S7 edge just recently occurred in the United States. As told to an American, her smartphone was in the Cup holder when she was driving to the Institute. Suddenly the device lit up, the cabin began to fill with smoke. Only self-control helped the girl to quickly pull over and, despite a strong smoke, to avoid accidents.

The girl told that during the incident, Galaxy S7 edge was not connected to on-Board charging, but was synchronised with the audio system via Bluetooth. The biggest shock she experienced when she realized that the phone might explode at the moment when she was talking on the phone.

Lamb appealed to the Sprint store where it was purchased the ill-fated smartphone, and learned that even with her insurance replacement phone will cost $200. According to the girl, she had already contacted representatives of the manufacturer, but is afraid that her case is not approached with due seriousness.

In Samsung, in turn, said that to determine the causes of the incident, the company needs to study the remnants of Galaxy S7.

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