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Experts say the investment in Apple computers are more efficient than the traditional investments

To invest in securities in the Apple computers is much more profitable than traditional investing, reports Bloomberg. They can bring much greater benefit to the investor.

So, the original Apple 1 computers appeared on the market in 1976 in the amount of about 200 copies are now quite successful. In 2004, a private collector Bob Luther purchased a machine for $7 600, and last December he sold it at Christie’s auction is already at $365 000.

Two months earlier Museum Henry Ford in Dearborn, where is the headquarters of Ford Motors, has purchased the Apple 1 in the best condition for a record $905 000. This record can be beaten in October, when the Bonhams auction will be exhibited a similar computer, completely untouched since the purchase in 1976. Then the price was $666,66.

“In the last decade, the market is growing by leaps and bounds. For the experienced collector this is, without doubt, an excellent investment,” says the owner of the London gallery Reel Poster Gallery Bruce Marchant.

Other profitable investment experts call vintage movie posters. For example, the poster of popular fiction Comedy 1958 attack of the 50 ft woman”, which 10 years ago could be bought for $5 000, now costs $16 000, that is 220% more expensive.

Market posters gained new momentum in January 2013, when the poster of the film “metropolis”, a classic German dystopia of Fritz lang, filmed in 1927, was sold at auction for $1.2 million In the world such instances all four of them. The former owner of the Billboard paid for it in 2006, $690 000.

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The winner of the auction, a 39-year collector and dealer Ralph DeLuca, has already received an offer to sell the poster for $2 million

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