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Experts on cyber security in the United States fear that Russian hackers hacked iPhone trump

The fact that the President of the United States Donald trump refused to Samsung in favor of iPhone, does not negate the possibility that he might become a victim of attacks of Russian hackers. This opinion of American experts quotes the edition “Interfax”.

“I can guarantee that the Russians and the Chinese will try to calculate attack,” said John Dixon, a former employee of the U.S. air force, a specialist in the field of cybersecurity.

Dixon added that a lot depends on how the President uses the new gadget. This applies particularly to the habit of the President to communicate on Twitter.

“If the iPhone is used for one purpose only, then everything is fine, the risk is minimal. But as you start to use it to search something, install programs, to provide access to them, then it becomes a big problem,” – said the expert.

Specialist in cybersecurity at the University of California Betsy Cooper argues that, despite the fact that Apple products are considered more safe, recent studies have shown that “both the iPhone and Android is available to hackers”.

According to the expert, to ensure safety “it would be better to abandon personal accounts, and use only government of the device and secure means of communication.”

Nicholas weaver, a researcher with the International Institute of computer technology — also believes that the change trump phone “significantly reduces but does not completely eliminate the risks of security”.

Concern about cyber security has escalated after data were obtained on tapping the phone trump and his team during the election campaign, as well as about the leak of information about American intelligence agencies listening to the phones of European politicians, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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