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Experts “Kaspersky Lab” told about how to get rid of spam in WhatsApp and Viber

What the man, received the messenger of the next advertising message? Probably something like “who are these people and where they hell is my phone!?”. First suspicions normally fall for unscrupulous employees of some organization, which the owner of the phone reported your number. But there are cases when spammers and hackers do not use “merged” database of phone numbers, and similar base, gathered in social networks using special software. This was stated by the expert of “Kaspersky Lab” Ruslan Stoyanov.

According to Stoyanova, the users, among other information about yourself place your mobile phone at risk of receiving phishing and promotional emails from cyber criminals. Some people believe that criminals buy ready-made base, but in practice it is not so. Now, many phishers and spammers get the numbers from open sources — for example, from social networks and then make them a single database, using completely legal software.

This year “Kaspersky Lab” has assisted law enforcement agencies to apprehend cybergraphic that was stealing funds from the accounts of the users of online banking systems, using SMS messages with banking Trojan the application. During the investigation it was found that the base was created with the help of a special program parser, and it became a source of personal pages of users of “Vkontakte”.

It is noted that the Russian cybercriminal forums now you can find a lot of advertisements for the sale or lease of software solutions for collecting data in popular social networks. By using these applications it is possible to obtain not only a mobile phone number, but many other data — name, surname, and other information and profile settings. After receiving this data, attackers use them to fraudulent schemes — for example, send spam, steal money through premium SMS-services or counterfeit SIM cards.

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“For attackers, it may be useful anything you publish on the Network. Especially heavily affect users of mobile banking services. If your mobile phone is publicly available, delete it from there as soon as possible,” said the officer, “Kaspersky Lab”.

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